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Golden World Records was a record label owned by Eddie Wingate and Joanne Bratton (née Jackson, former wife of boxing champion Johnny Bratton). The recording studio was located in Detroit, Michigan, United States.[1] The studio's national hits included "Oh How Happy" by Shades of Blue and "(Just Like) Romeo and Juliet" by The Reflections. The early, pre-Motown songs of Edwin Starr, such as "Agent Double-O-Soul", were recorded at the Golden World studio.

Golden World Records operated from 1962 to 1968.

The label and its subsidiaries were purchased by Berry Gordy in 1966 and folded into the Motown Record Corporation. The Golden World studio became Motown's "Studio B", working in support of the original Motown recording studio (Studio A) at Hitsville USA. Before its purchase by Gordy, the studio's recordings often included moonlighting Motown back-up musicians, including James Jamerson on bass and George McGregor on percussion.

The famous clock that hung in Golden World Records is currently owned by Melodies and Memories in Eastpointe, Michigan, and is on display there. A restored old Steinway piano that Motown inherited from Golden World is now on display at the Motown Museum.[2]



1 Willie Kendrick "Stop This Train"
"Fine As Wine"
Nov 1963
2 Sue Perrin "Candy Store Man"
"Recipe Of Love"
Feb 1964
3 No release Mar 1964
Adorables "Deep Freeze"
"Daddy Please"
Mar 1964
Patti Gilson "Pulling Petals (From A Daisy)"
"Don't You Tell A Lie"
Mar 1964
8/9 The Reflections "Can't You Tell By The Look In My Eyes"
"(Just Like) Romeo And Juliet"
Mar 1964
10 Adorables "Be"
"School's All Over"
May 1964
11 Elliott Baron "Man To Man"
"The Spare Rib"
May 1964
12 The Reflections "Like Columbus Did"
"Lonely Girl"
Jun 1964
13 No release Jun 1964
14 Manhattans "Just A Little Loving"
"Beautiful Brown Eyes"
Jul 1964
15 The Reflections "Talkin' Bout My Girl"
"Oowee Now Now"
Aug 1964
16 The Reflections "(I'm A) Henpecked Guy"
"Don't Do That To Me"
Sep 1964
17 Debonaires "A Little Too Long"
"Please Don't Say We're Through"
Oct 1964
18 Juanita Williams "Baby Boy"
"You Knew What You Was Gettin'"
Sep 1964
19 The Reflections "You're My Baby (And Don't You Forget It)"
"Shabby Little Hut"
Nov 1964
20 Reflections "Poor Man's Son"
"Comin' At You"
Feb 1965
21 Barbara Mercer "Hey!!"
"Can't Stop Loving You Baby"
Jul 1965
22 The Reflections "Wheelin' & Dealin'"
"Deborah Ann"
Jun 1965
23 Carl Carlton "Nothin' No Sweeter Than Love"
"I Love True Love"
Jul 1965
24 The Reflections "Out Of The Picture"
"June Bride"
Jul 1965
25 The Adorables "Ooh Boy!"
"Devil In His Eyes"
Jul 1965
26 Debonaires "Eenie Meenie Gypsaleenie"
"Please Don't Say We're Through"
Aug 1965
27 Barbara Mercer "The Things We Do Together"
"Hungry For Love (Instrumental)"
Sep 1965
28 Barbara Mercer "Doin' Things Together With You"
"Nobody Loves You Like Me"
Sep 1965
29 The Reflections "Girl In The Candy Store"
"Your Kind Of Love"
Sep 1965
30 No release Sep 1965
31 Sunliners "The Swingin' Kind"
"All Alone"
Nov 1965
32 Gino Parks "My Sophisticated Lady"
"Talkin' About My Baby"
Jan 1966
33 Rose Batiste "Sweetheart Darling"
"That's What He Told Me"
Jan 1966
34 No release Feb 1966
35 No release Feb 1966
36 Holidays "I'll Love You Forever"
"Makin' Up Time"
Mar 1966
37 Larry Knight & The Upsetters "Everything's Gone Wrong"
"Hurt Me"
May 1966
38 Debonaires "Big Time Fun"
"How's Your New Love Treating You?"
Jun 1966
39 No release Jun 1966
40 Tamiko Jones "I'm Spellbound"
"Am I Glad Now"
Jul 1966
41 Tony Michaels
(Tony Micale of The Reflections)
"Picture Me & You"
"I Love The Life I Live (And Live The Life I Love)"
Aug 1966
42 Pat Lewis "Let's Go Together"
"Can't Shake It Loose"
Aug 1966
43 Theresa Lindsey "Daddy-O"
"I'll Bet You"
Sep 1966
44 Debonaires "C.O.D. (Collect On Delivery)"
"How's Your New Love Treating You?"
Oct 1966
45 Dickie & The Ebb Tides "One Boy One Girl"
"I've Got A Shadow"
Oct 1966
46 Parliaments "That Was My Girl"
"Heart Trouble"
Nov 1966
47 Holidays "No Greater Love"
"Watch Out Girl"
Dec 1966
115 Modern Times "Stompin' Crazy Legg"
"Happy Man"
Mar 1973


Only one album was released on the Golden World label:

  • (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet—The Reflections—GWLPM-300—1964

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